Jim Carrey’s big rubber feet and angel wings explainedJim Carrey made a unique appearance at Elton John’s annual Oscar viewing bash. The actor wore big rubber feet and miniature angel wings sewn on the back of his jacket. Later on, Carrey’s look was somewhat explained on Twitter by the comedian himself.

On Sunday evening, Jim Carrey was present at Elton John’s Oscar viewing party, which is held every year. Carey went all black, sporting a black dinner jacket, black pants and sunglasses which reminded us of the “Men in Black”. But the conformity of his look was “broken” by two rather unusual accessories: a pair of miniature angel wings and two huge rubber feet instead of shoes.

During the morning of February 25, the comedy actor explained the outfit. “My big feet and little angel wings were an expression of my somewhat awkward spiritual journey”, he wrote, calling himself a “Strangel”.

Analyze that!

Wings and rubber feet aside, Carrey had a blast at the bash. “Elton’s party was fun”, he concluded on Twitter. The 51-year-old spent time in the company of Steven Tyler, Nicki Minaj, Randy Jackson, Chelsea Handler and Dave Grohl.