Justin Bieber murder plot revealedThe murder plot of pop star Justin Bieber has now been revealed. The plan, created by two fugitives and an inmate, included not only the murder but also torture, reports ABC News’ Albuquerque affiliate KOAT.

Back in December, the police busted prisoner Dana Martin and two fugitives for plotting the killing of pop sensation of the moment Justin Bieber. Martin, the mastermind of the horrendous crime, was giving instructions from behind bars to former inmate pal Mark Staake and to his nephew, Tanner Ruane.

The three had several phone conversations which were intercepted by the police. During one phone call, Dana Martin asked Ruane: “Did [Staake] go over the Bieber thing with you?” Ruane replied he didn’t and then added: “The way I like to work, dude – I like to know as little as possible. He’s gonna use one of the things you gave him, and then he’s gonna take care of it.”

Then they discussed details about the murder. They were going to kidnap the “Boyfriend” singer and his bodyguard. Then they were going to castrate them and choke them with a scarf. “Tie it really tight, and that cuts off all the oxygen and then tie it in the back again, really tight,” said Martin.

Ruane, who was going to “seal the deal”, was asking for $5,000 for each killing.

The trio didn’t even get to finish the preparations. Staake and Ruane were arrested for making a wrong turn in into Canada.

Martin is being held in the Southern New Mexico Correctional Facility for raping and murdering a 15-year-old girl.

Each of the three is facing two charges for conspiracy to commit murder and conspiracy to commit aggravated battery.