Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are having a girlThe news that Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are having a girl flooded the World Wide Web. The couple is overjoyed and, according to a friend of the couple’s, Kanye always wanted to have a baby girl.

A few hours ago, a source speaking to Us Weekly revealed the sex of the baby Kim and Kanye are having: a girl. “They’re over the moon!”said the source who is in the couple’s entourage. “Kanye always wanted a girl.”

The baby will be born somewhere in July and, as Kim says, she will have a high-end wardrobe. “If anyone knows Kanye, they just know how into fashion he is, and I think he’s going to have things specially made”, the socialite said in January, on Jimmy Kimmel Live. “I don’t think hand-me-downs are going to work”, she added.

West, who besides being a rapper is also a fashion designer, was excited about the baby news from the start. “It’s really cute how excited he is” Kim said in January.

During the same TV appearance, which Kim made with sister Kourtney, she explained that she doesn’t want her baby on the reality show. “From the start, as of now, that’s just a personal choice that Kanye and I have made”, the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star said, adding that in time, when the baby grows up, he or she will make the decision of being a part of the reality show or not.

Regarding her body changes during the pregnancy, Kim spoke to Du Jour magazine of her diet. She said that she always wanted to get pregnant because she would eat whatever she felt like, but “it’s completely different”. The 32-year-old explained that she wants to eat as healthy as possible, but sometimes she cheats the healthy eating with sweets, or soda. “Lately I’ve been watching shows like I’m Pregnant and Addicted to Meth. It definitely makes me feel better if I’m wanting one sip of Diet Coke or, you know, too much sugar. I’m like, This woman is on meth.”