Karl Lagerfeld on Michelle Obama’s bangs: “not good”Karl Lagerfeld is famous for his harsh comments made at the expense of British celebrities and their choices in fashion, but this time his frowns hit closer to home. The legendary fashion designer commented on Michele Obama’s bangs for “Le Petit Journal” and his conclusion was “not good”.

Wearing his signature sunglasses and ponytail look, the Chanel designer made an appearance on “Le Petit Journal”, a show on the French Television network Canal Plus, and discussed his thoughts on FLOTUS. Even though Lagerfeld claimed he loves the United States’ first lady, he revealed he doesn’t care much for her new bangs and his general opinion is that her choice in style resembles that of a news anchor.

“I do not understand the change in hairstyle. Frankly this doesn’t suit her. The fringe was not a good idea, it’s not good,” he explained. The 79-year-old German designer is pretty much alone in his opinion, which is generally not an uncommon occurrence, considering most of his comments are too much on the extreme side to raise much support.

Lagerfeld is famous for his constant hating on celebrities, starting with Adele who he deemed as “too fat”, and continuing with Pippa Middleton who “should only show her back” and Heidi Klum, who is apparently utterly insignificant in the world of high fashion.

We could agree to disagree and go with The President’s take on his wife’s new hair style, which he supported 100 percent when saying “I love my wife’s new bangs – she always looks good.” We could as well point out that grey ponytails could be arguably unsuitable for someone nearly 80 year old, but we don’t randomly hate on people now, do we?