Mindy McCready, dead from gunshot, apparent suicideCountry singer Mindy McCready was found dead from a gunshot on Sunday afternoon. According to the Associated Press, the police were looking at what was an apparent suicide.

On Sunday afternoon, the Cleburne County police found the dead body of singer Mindy McCready at her home. The officers were sent at the address around 4 p.m., where they noticed the presence of a body laying down on the front porch. It was the body of 37-year-old McCready, already dead from a gunshot. According to E! News, the neighbors had heard the shooting and had called the police. When the officers arrived at the location, they also noticed her dog had been shot, too.

At a first look, it appears that McCready committed suicide. The case is still under investigation and no autopsy results were reported so far.

Her death comes only a month after her boyfriend’s, 34-year-old songwriter and producer David Wilson.

In the past years, Mindy McCready’s musical talent was overshadowed by her troubled personal life, which included drugs, DUI, kidnapping and domestic violence. After rising to fame with her 1996 single “Guys Do It All the Time” and her album “Ten Thousand Angels” sold 2 million copies, the country star started making headlines with personal matters.

In 2003, she began dating singer William Patrick “Billy” McKnight. Almost a year and a half later, McKnight tried to kill her by beating and choking her. But after telling People magazine that she had broken-up with her violent boyfriend for good, they got back together in 2008.

In 2004 she was charged with illegally obtaining a painkiller from the pharmacy. She pleaded guilty and got three years’ probation. In 2005 she violated the probation with a DUI arrest and, the same year, she was charged with hindering prosecution and unlawful use of transportation.

In 2011, McCready kidnapped her son Zander from her mother Gayle Inge, who is the legal guardian of the child. She was found hiding in a residence in Arkansas. The authorities took the boy into custody.

Last year, she had her second son, Zayne, with boyfriend David Wilson.

Over the years, the “You’ll Never Know” singer attempted suicide several times. The first time was in July 2005, followed by an OD in September, while she was pregnant with McKnight’s child. In 2008, on December 17 she was rushed to the hospital after what appeared to be another suicide attempt. The paramedics noticed cuts on her wrists.

McCready is survived by her two sons, 6-year-old Zander and 9-month-old Zayne and her mother.