Miss Delaware Teen USA hands over crown On Tuesday, Miss Delaware Teen USA handed over the crown after a sex tape which reportedly includes her surfaced. The 18-year-old denies being on it, but still, she resigned from her position through an letter sent to the pageant’s staff.

What is it with the beautiful teens and the sex scandals? Apparently, if you win a beauty pageant you must then add in your resume X-rated acting. More recently, it is the case of Melissa King, whose name might have made her predestined for fame and fortune. But even if she got a first push towards a glorious path by her surname, one personal choice made her stumble.

It seems that Miss Delaware Teen USA was able to keep the crown on her beautiful head for only three months before handing it over. A porn website posted a movie in which she is apparently starring. The movie is – you’ve guessed – porn. According to the website, Mrs. King is performing sex acts with a man whose identity is not revealed.

Outraged by the website’s claims, King gave a strong feedback to the comments. As The News Journal reports, she denied being a part of that filming. “There are comments saying this, however, it’s not comments that are true.” Asked directly whether the girl in the movie was her, she answered: “Absolutely not. It is not.”

The 18-year-old however, relinquished her title, sending an official letter to the pageant’s staff and hired a lawyer.