The one clothing item Mila Kunis can’t give up is…The one clothing item Mila Kunis can’t give up is something she has in her wardrobe for over 15 years. It’s out of fashion of course, but the actress says she still wears it to this day. Can you guess what it is?

When you see Mila Kunis on the red carpet you see an elegant beautiful woman and you wouldn’t think in a million years that she is so attached to one sport clothing item. It is something that was in fashion in the ‘90s and she herself admits that she paid for it only $5. Not only that, but she wants to multiply the item: “I swear I’m going to get someone to copy them for me”.

And since it’s quite time to reveal what this piece of clothing is… we’ll let Mila do it, exactly as she confessed it to InStyle: “I’ve been wearing the same pair of dark green Old Navy cargo pants, like, non-stop, for 15 years.” Judging by her age right now, she’s had them since she was only 14. Wow, now that’s a true passion for …well, a certain type of fashion.

Mila’s love for comfortable saggy clothes could come from the ridiculously tight and heavy costumes she’s been wearing on set. For instance, while shooting for “Oz the Great and Powerful”, she spent a lot of time “in a leather corset, wired up in a harness, and flying around in a costume that weighed 10 pounds.” While wearing a corset could sound appealing for some ladies, Mila disapproves: “Tell them to try 17 hours of that and then get back to me”, she says.