When you travel for hours and hours, the last thing you need is an uncomfortable pillow, which will make you neck stiff and will give you a headache. To improve your comfort state, but also to make quite an impression, here are some wacky travel pillows you might think of trying:


travel pillowSkyRest Travel Pillow. This is a 17-inch-tall travel pillow that allows you to take a heavenly nap when you’re up in the air for hours. When you feel sleepy, you take it out of your bag and inflate it. it has a soft texture and offers you a comfy sleep posture.

Price: $30.

Available at: Skymall



plane pillowUpRight Sleeper. This “napping system” will ensure that your neighbor won’t feel your head leaning on their shoulder. Even though it looks like an item created for someone with a neck injury, it is the most ergonomic product of its type, keeping your spine straight. You can biy it with an optional silky cover.

Price: $40 (without combo)

Available at: Skymall





Wacky travel pillows

Ostrich Pillow. Now here is soemthign to scare the people in the plane with. But if you’re only worried about your own comfort, this is the pillow for you. With your hear covered in it, no lights will bother you, no noise, no distraction. And you can smell when the snack is coming.

Price: $100

Available at: StudioBananaThings





Photos: courtesy of Skymall and StudioBananaThings