Five unhealthy habits that ruin your teethYou brush your teeth after every meal, use dental floss and mouthwash, but you’re still unhappy with the way your smile shines (or doesn’t shine). If you do everything by the book, but the result isn’t the one you are expecting, maybe some of your everyday habits that you haven’t taken into account are to blame. Here are five unhealthy habits that ruin your teeth:

Drinking sodas. The bubbles are responsible for the demineralization of the teeth, attacking the enamel and raising their sensitivity. Dentists warn that not only sodas lead to these effects, but all acid drinks generally (those containing sugar and fructose). In order to minimize the negative effects, use a straw to enjoy your favorite drinks and make sure you consume alkaline foods, like milk or cheese, in order to neutralize the acid content in sugary drinks.

Constantly using nasal sprays and drops. It has been observed that the constant use of nasal medication, such as sprays and drops, affects the enamel. Other drugs with similar effects are antidepressants, antihistaminics and high/low blood pressure drugs. Helpful tip: after taking the medication, chew sugar free gum.

Breathing through your mouth. Many people breathe through their mouths when sleeping, or exercising, or when having a cold. As a result, the teeth, the gums, the tongue and the interior of the cheeks become dry, raising the risk of tooth decay.

Taking weight loss pills. They lead to a dry mouth, thus raising the risk of infection and tooth decay. If you have decided to use pills for shedding some of the extra pounds, remember to drink plenty of water to ensure the necessary level of humidity and hydration.

Brushing your teeth too hard. Some people think that if they brush their teeth harder or faster, this will ensure a shiny smile. Beware that the toothbrush, even if it’s soft, can still affect the teeth enamel. Don’t overbrush and don’t use teeth whitening treatments before consulting your dentist.