Two warrants for Miss Delaware Teen USA Melissa KingThere are two warrants on Miss Delaware Teen USA Melissa King’s name, reports. According to the local news reports, King has been arrested last summer for stealing and alcohol use.

Last week, Miss Delaware Teen USA Melissa King was forced to give up her crown she had earned less about two months ago, due to a sex tape emerging online which starred the 18-year-old beauty queen. Even though she denied being in the amateur X-rated movie, King was advised by her lawyer to resign from her position as Miss Delaware Teen USA.

Now, two warrants have unearthed out of her home state. The first one addressed an incident occurred in June last year, when King stole money from a city bus fare box. The second one came in August, in Ocean City, where she was arrested for alcohol possession as a minor.

“Neither one is extraditable from Delaware”, said Ocean City police’s spokesman Mike Levy. “The warrants are on file. If she surrenders herself in Maryland, she will have to go before the court to deal with the charges”, the officer added.

Melissa King did not appear in court, as scheduled, in order to address the charges.