“Buckwild” producers, Parallel Entertainment and Zoo Productions, are to cover funeral costs for Shain Gandee. The 21-year-old who passed away on Monday morning was about to get rich just before the tragedy happened.


“Buckwild” producers to cover funeral costs for Gandee


On Monday morning, the police in Sissonville, West Virginia, found the body of “Buckwild” star Shain Gandee in his car. He died of carbon monoxide poisoning after an off road trip in his 1984 Ford Bronco. The 21-year-old wasn’t the only victim. Kanawha Commission President Kent Carper stated that there were two other bodies found in the vehicle – Shain’s uncle, 48-year-old David Gandee, and friend Donald Robert Myers, 27.

Parallel Entertainment and Zoo Productions, the two producers of the reality show airing on MTV, are to cover all the costs of the funeral. Initially, the Gandees were planning a “mud run” on Wednesday that would have helped them raise money the funeral bills. Entertainment CEO J.P. Williams relates to the life that young Shain was living and his death touched him deeply. “I am from West Virginia and this show reminded me of how I grew up”, he told TMZ.

The irony is that just before his death, Shain Gandee and the other cast mates had renegotiated their contracts with MTV, getting a 300 percent raise. According to The Hollywood reporter, Gandee, who was paid $1,000 per episode during the first season, would have received $4,000 per episode in season two, plus a $5,000 bonus.

MTV has announced that the production of “Buckwild”’s second season has been halted indefinitely. It is uncertain if the season will ultimately air.