Cookie Monster arrested for giving 2-year-old “a boo boo”Earlier this week, a man dressed in a Cookie Monster costume was arrested in Times Square for giving a 2-year-old “a boo boo”. The toddler was allegedly pushed by the mascot after his mother failed to pay for a photo with him.

On Monday, the New York police arrested a man named Osvaldo Quiroz-Lopez for pushing a 2-year-old boy in Times Square. The boy was in a stroller and, according to his mother, was approached by the man, costumed as Cookie Monster. “He just came and he just picked up Samay and said, ‘Come, come, come. Come take a picture with us”, said Parmita Kurada.

The mother snapped a photo of her baby and the Sesame Street character, but was then asked for $2 for the photo. She didn’t have any cash and after she told 33-year-old Quiroz-Lopez that her husband carries the money, the man started cursing. “I’ve never had anyone say that to me. And worse was he was cursing at my kids.”

The Cookie Monster then allegedly pushed the stroller with the little boy in it. Even though he wasn’t injured, the 2-year-old can’t bear to see Cookie Monster after the incident, his mother says. When asked by an NBC 4 New York reporter why he didn’t like the character anymore, Samay answered: “Because Cookie Monster gave me a boo boo.”

On the other hand, Osvaldo Quiroz-Lopez denies all allegations through his lawyer, who sustains that there is no evidence of endangering the welfare of a child, as the boy wasn’t injured at all. The Cookie Monster’s fellow character, Elmo, who was there when the alleged incident occurred, says that Quiroz-Lopez “didn’t do this.”