Joan Rivers calls Adele “a chubby lady”Joan Rivers calls Adele “a chubby lady” and thinks it is not mean, but real. The “Fashion Police” host believes that despite the British singer’s success, the reality is that she should lose weight.

Last week, during a HuffPost Live interview, Joan Rivers had no restrains in sharing what her thoughts on Adele’s silhouette were. The “Fashion Police” show host was asked to comment on her cruel remarks made on The Late Show With David Letterman regarding the “Skyfall” singer’s weight. During that appearance, on February 26, Rivers, who has been skinny all her life, recalled the first time that she had met Adele , at the Academy Awards. “She was very scared because she was singing at the awards. She kept saying, ‘My throat, my throat — I don’t know if I can swallow, the 79-year-old remembers. “And I said, ‘Oh, yeah! You can swallow.”

joan rivers calls adele fatDuring the interview to HuffPost Live, Rivers maintained her opinion about the British music artist. “She’s a chubby lady who’s very, very rich, and she should just calm down — or lose weight!” Rivers added that that was not a mean comment, but a reality and an apology isn’t appropriate in the situation given. “Adele is beautiful and successful and has what, $100 million? Let’s face reality: she’s fat”, Rivers concluded.

But Adele is not the only “chubby lady” that Joan Rivers has made fun of. Back in 2011, she targeted Christina Aguilera’s figure, comparing her with a pig and saying: “Christina must have been thinking about food. That’s why she forgot the words.”

And in a now-famous Oprah Winfrey show in 1985, Rivers attacked the show host herself: “You shouldn’t let that happen to you”, she told Oprah at the time. “You’re a pretty girl and you’re single. You must lose the weight!”