On Tuesday, Kendra Wilkinson left “Splash”, after refusing to dive. The former “Girls next Door” star could not overcome her fear of diving and burst into tears. Singing up for this show was “a big mistake” in her case.

Kendra Wilkinson has always been open about her fear of heights. “I start spinning, I start wanting to throw up, I’m shaking, my fingers wiggle” the sporty blonde explained to E! News.

On Tuesday night, during ABC’s celeb show “Splash”, the Playboy playmate made an appearance in a colorful neon swimming suit. She was about to face one of her most intense fears, diving from a 23-foot-high platform. Kendra was paired with skier Rory Bushfield for a challenge which consisted in synchronized diving. At this time, Bushfield had been advised by his doctors not to compete, as he was still recovering from a ruptured eardrum.


Kendra Wilkinson leaves “Splash”, calls it “big mistake”


Seconds before the challenge started, Kendra freaked. “It’s like a real thing, when my fingers wiggle—that’s, like, a truth”, she explained. Her intense fear made her quit, thus facing elimination. “This is the first time in my life I’ve quit something. This will haunt me for the rest of my life”, she said in a disappointed voice.

After leaving the show, Kendra tweeted she was sorry to let so many people down, revealing that she got “a lot of hate” for her attitude. “Big mistake signing up for the show!”