32-year-old Linden Wolbert is a real life mermaid for almost a decade. Even though she wasn’t born an aquatic creature, the former residence director for Emerson College reveals that underwater is where she feels at home.


Meet Linden Wolbert, a real life mermaid!


Linden Wolbert left her office job after three years and followed her dream of being a professional mermaid. It’s not a dream many people have during their childhood, but for Linden, this was something that, against all odds, would materialize one day. And that day was somewhere in 2005. “I was just daydreaming over every single lunch break about being in the water and among the fish”, she tells yahoo!Shine in a recent interview. She quit her job as a residence director for Emerson College, put a tail on and put her diving experience at work.

Prior to becoming a mermaid, Wolbert spent her free time SCUBA diving and watching wildlife documentaries. “My goal was to become an underwater wildlife documentary filmmaker like Jacques Cousteau,” she says.

At present, Wolbert owns several prosthetic mermaid tails, but the most beautiful one is designed by Allan Holt and is worth $15,000. The piece weighs 35 pounds and measures 6 feet. It is made of high-quality silicone and hand-sculpted scales. “It doesn’t sink or float… it’s the most powerful piece of dive equipment I own”, Wolbert explains.

The professional mermaid, who can stay under water for about 5 minutes at a time, has made appearances at high-end celebrity parties – clients included Justin Timberlake, Jessica Alba, Shia LaBeouf – but she’s also been part of charity events. “The bread-and-butter stuff is high end and can be really fun and glamorous, but working with children is my favorite”, the mermaid revealed.