There are three general natural ways for spring detox, a process that will balance your immune system, revitalize your brain and boost up the mood. Read more to find out how you can cleanse your body and get it in shape for the sunny days.

Three natural ways for spring detoxEat more fiber. Raising the fiber intake is the best cleansing method for your gut. Foods that are high in fiber stimulate intestinal transit, ensuring an efficient detoxification through the elimination of unprocessed compounds left in the colon. You can choose supplements rich in fiber that will help you follow a detox cure, or eat natural foods rich in fiber, throughout the year: whole wheat products, Brazilian nuts, sweet almonds, beans, soy wheat, raspberries, blackberries, raisins, dried coconut and even fresh parsley.

Drink infusions from plants with laxative effects. In some cases, laxatives are required to boost the detox process. In case of constipation, laxatives based on aloe, berries, apples, prunes, ginger, lemons, oranges, limes, tomatoes and all leafy green vegetables can make wonders. However, using laxatives, natural or artificially obtained in labs, in order to lose weight or detoxify is dangerous long-term. The method can irritate the stomach, terminate the intestinal flora and create addiction. Use laxatives with care and only as short-term remedies.

Exercise and relax. Through sweat, your body eliminates a huge amount of toxins. So exercising is a great way to detoxify. Combine exercise – whether it’s outside or in a gym, or even at home – with regular sauna sessions and relaxation massage. At home, you can always benefit from a warm bath with bath salt or bath oil. Choose scents meant to get you ready for a comfy night of sleep, such as lavender, or jasmine.