Meet Baby Jasleen, Germany’s heaviest newborn!This is baby Jasleen, born on Friday, July 26, in Leipzig. She is now Germany’s heaviest newborn, taking the title from baby Jihad, born in 2011, in Berlin. Baby Jasleen weighs 13.47 pounds and was delivered through natural birth.

At this time, the baby is in the neonatal intensive care unit at the University Hospital in Leipzig, Germany. She was born on Friday, weighing in at 13.47 pounds. She was 22.6 inches long. This makes her the heaviest baby born in Germany so far. Before her, the title belonged to baby Jihad, a boy born in Berlin, at 13 pounds.

According to the newspaper Der Spiegel, the mother and the newborn are doing fine.

Jasleen’s unusual weight is the result of gestational diabetes, a condition that the mother had developed during the pregnancy, but that went undiagnosed. Despite her above average weight, she has been delivered through natural birth.

Gestational diabetes is a condition usually developed in the third trimester of the pregnancy, by women with to history of diabetes. The symptoms are few and it is usually detected by screening during pregnancy. There are however, a number of risk factors:

• History of gestational diabetes in other blood relatives

• History of type 2 diabetes in other first-degree relatives

• Maternal age over 35

• Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

• Being overweight

The largest newborn ever reported was, according to the Guinness Book of World Records, born in Canada, in 1879. The baby, a boy, was 23 lb. 12 oz, but he died in less than a day after being born.