Apple will release the new iPhone on September 10According to a Reuters reports, Apple will release the new iPhone on September 10 at a special event. The news was first announced on the tech blog AllThingsD, citing undisclosed sources.

The release of the new iPhone, thought to be named iPhone 5S, is approaching. AllThingsD recently announced that, according to unnamed sources, the launch date has been set on September 10. The IT giant’s event is one of the most expected in the tech industry field.

Rumors are that the new device will feature a bigger screen and a fingerprint reader. Moreover, it will be the first time that the iPhone will come in two versions, one maintaining the quality Apple users are accustomed to and one cheaper plastic version, for people who are on the budget, but would still like to benefit from the futuristic design and advanced technology that the company’s items provide.

Apple has yet to comment on the date of the event.

The new iPhone will be in stores just in time for holiday season shopping.