Will the new iPhone, expected to be released in September, have a fingerprint reader? The device, possibly called iPhone 5S, is also thought to come in a cheaper, plastic version, affordable for a new line of customers.


Will the new iPhone have fingerprint reader?


The rumors about a fingerprint feature on the new iPhone sparked earlier this week, when Apple released the new iOS 7 Beta software version, which includes some clues that the It giant is preparing to introduce a fingerprint feature on its new device, coming in September.

9to5Mac reports that the new iOS 7 Beta version has included a folder with the name “biometrickitUI”. The software’s code also mentions a fingerprint changing in color during the setup process. Undisclosed sources speaking to 9to5Mac have confirmed the rumor.

On the other hand, Apple did not comment on the matter.

The company has talked about a new security feature that will be included in the new iOS Beta version, which requires a password in order for the phone to be wiped. Created with the purpose of preventing the theft of the new iPhone models, this feature will not make it possible for thieves to wipe the information on the phone, for they would need a password for that, which only the owner knows.