Hairdos you can wear at the office1When preparing to go to your work place, you probably don’t think about anything sophisticated to wear. No heavy make-up, no out of the ordinary hairdo, no shiny eccentric clothes. However, I don’t think your goal, being a woman and all, is to go around unnoticeable. Here are some hairdos you can wear at the office, that will make you look simple, yet sophisticated.


Side-swept ponytail – applies to thick, straight hair, of medium length. First, you want to apply a light weight shine serum. At this point, you hair has to be dry. Section out a circle of your hair with a diameter of four inches and comb the underside with a brush. Then make a side part and leave two inches of face-framing hair hanging down. Loosely brush your hair back and form a pony-tail in the mid-section of the back of your head. Secure it with a thick elastic, preferably of the same color of your hair, or close.



Hairdos you can wear at the office2Side braid – applies to medium-long or long hair, of any texture, or color. Comb your hair bringing it to one side. Section the hair into three parts and braid them, not very tight, but not so loose either. Secure it at the end with a clear elastic, or one that matches your hair color. Let some face-framing pieces of hair out. Use a bobby pin to secure the braid on the back of your head.



Hairdos you can wear at the officeZig-zag parted pixie – applies to short hair, thick or fine. Make your hair shine by first applying an oil-based serum. Then blow dry it, using a brush to create volume. Use a comb, afterwards, to create a zig-zag shape across the crown of your head and secure the hairdo with light hold hairspray.



Hairdos you can wear at the officePinned-up ends with a headband – applies to medium-long hair, straight or wavy. Bobby pin the ends of your hair at the end of your neck so it would look like a fake bob. Create one side part and bobby pin loosely behind the ear. Add a classy, but pretentious headband to hide the pin.