S.F.B.T-3 is the new mannequin released by Dolk Station, meant to make the lives of manga artists a whole lot easier. The doll, made of ABS resin, has 80 moveable parts, enabling all the poses you can think of, that a manga character could be in during a story.

Japanese manufacturer Dolk Station has recently released on the international market a new model of S.F.B.T. (Special Full-action Body Type). This is the third version in a decade, which is far more advanced that the first two. The doll is made of 200 parts that allow unprecedented number of poses. Of them, 80 are moveable.

Manga artists, manga fans, meet S.F.B.T-3!Here are some characteristics of the S.F.B.T-3:

• The overall strength was upgraded by changing the material of the parts from color range to ABS resin.

• The fingers are composed of multiple parts, thus allowing the doll to hold small things with precision. Also, due to the multiple moveable parts, the shadows that form in the hands and arms are very realistic.

• The flexible torso offers natural poses while arching the doll forward, or backward.

• The eyes move from side to side.

• Toes can be moved. They can be positioned for standing, running, or leaping.


S.F.B.T-3 comes with a doll stand, even though she is very much able to support herself in a considerable number of poses. The model is priced at $300 and can be shipped internationally.