According to ESPN, Skittles manufacturer Mars is to pay Seattle Seahawks’ Marshawn Lynch for each touchdown in the Super Bowl on Sunday. In Addition, Skittles will donate to his Fam First Foundation, in the same terms.


Skittles to pay Marshawn Lynch for each Super Bowl touchdown


Seattle Seahawks running back and Skittles fan Marshawn Lynch had probably signed the deal of his life. Fascinated by the rainbow bag since he was a child, Lynch has been contacted by Mars and offered a deal he could simply not refuse. The company offered to pay him an undisclosed fee plus a $10,000 donation to his Fam First Foundation every time he scores a touchdown in the Super Bowl on Sunday. Also, Skittles will auction a Skittles-covered football helmet and football and a Skittles-covered megaphone in his honor.

According to ESPN, this endorsement could take up to $5million out of Skittles’ pocket.

The Skittles reward turned into tradition for Lynch, who received his first bag of Skittles for a touchdown when he was just a child. The reward mode was started by his mother, who now gives him a rainbow bag before every game.

In mid-November 2013, CNBC had reported that Skittles had offered Lynch “free supply & customized dispenser for his locker” for two years.

Currently, there will probably be close to impossible to find Skittles in the supermarkets in Seattle, as Seahawks fans reportedly purchased bags to throw “rainbow showers” on Marshawn Lynch after every touchdown.