What girl doesn’t want her legs to appear longer than they are? Here is how to do it, without going on extreme diets, extreme cardio, or unheard of wraps. Never mind that some of us won’t get longer slimmer legs even by doing so!

1. Wear high-waisted skirts or pants. With the belt circling your high waist, you create the optical illusion that your torso is shorter while your gazelle-looking legs never end! Whether you opt for a long skirt, shorts, or a mini dress, make sure that a high waistline is marked!

How to make your legs appear longer2. Match your shoes with your lower body clothing. Don’t fear that it will show a lack of imagination, as it actually creates a very sophisticated look. Wear black shoes with black leggings and a black skirt. Settle for monochromatic, but work on the lines of the silhouette. Add something eye-catching in the upper side.

3. Lower the vamp. That is the part of your shoe that goes across the top of your foot. The more covered the top, the shorter the leg. Not even high heels would save you from this optical shortness. Another thing to avoid is the ankle straps. They section your legs from the ankle, cutting from their apparent length. Chose shoes with low vamp, no ankle straps, and medium heels. If you choose really high heels, your ankles may appear thicker, so you’ll need to cover them with long pants or skirts.