Over the past years, the French bulldog has tripled its popularity in the US. Earlier this month, The American Kennel Club reported that the French bulldog has become the second most popular breed in NYC, after the English bulldog. It seems that the bulldogs have taken over the Big Apple.


The French bulldog gains popularity in the US


With their funny-looking faces and snorts, the French Bulldogs have won the hearts of the New Yorkers. According to The American Kennel Club, they have now gone to No.2 in the top of the most popular dog breeds in New York City. The first is a very close cousin, the English bulldog. And it seems that not only NY is head over heels after the bat-ear dog. The AKC also reports a 323 increase in the breed’s popularity all over the United States.

French bulldogs are prefect for city life. They don’t require much walking and are easy to groom. They are considered a small breed, even though some frenchies reach the considerable weight of 40 pounds and a little over. Very muscular and strong built, they may look threatening, but in fact, they are not aggressive dogs by definition. They tend to be more independent and stubborn, so it is better to start training early on, if you don’t want to fight for the “Master of the House” title with them.

French bulldogs have some health problems that you might want to take into consideration before getting one. Their short noses make them prone to respiratory and circulatory problems. A number of congenital diseases may surface along the way. Skin problems, especially for those with lighter fur colors, are to be expected.

But all things aside, you either fall in love with the French bulldog, or you don’t. And if you do, there won’t be a sweeter sound than that snort.