According to Times magazine, here are the top 3 most influential candy bars of all time. Find out what made them so popular:


No. 3 – Toblerone. The triangular prism chocolate bar has a tradition of over a century. It debuted in 1908, in Switzerland. The bar sizes range from ten centimeters to nearly one meter. Toblerone was the first chocolate bar with filling (1932). The variety of Toblerone bars currently includes: white chocolate, plain chocolate, snow-capped chocolate (milk chocolate prisms with white chocolate tops), filled chocolate (with white chocolate interior), honeycomb crisp, fruit and nut.


Top 3 most influential candy bars of all time toblerone



No. 2 – Hershey’s Milk Chocolate. Milton Hershey built his factory in the middle of a dairy land, powering an unparalleled distribution network. The first Hershey candy bar war created in 1900. Since its debut, the brand has gradually gained in popularity, becoming one of the most notorious chocolate treats in the world.


Top 3 most influential candy bars of all time hershey's



No. 1 – Kit Kat. The wafer-filled treat gained popularity due to a number of reasons. One of them is that it was marketed around the idea of sharing, turning the chocolate bar into a snack that connects people. The social approach was paralleled with a catchy jingle and a recipe adaptation for each corner of the world. As of January, Kit Kat opened its first store in Tokyo, featuring a number of local flavors: edamame soy bean, purple sweet potato and wasabi.


Top 3 most influential candy bars of all time