The skincare product Olivia Munn cannot do without is…Actress Olivia Munn has the looks and the personality that you would want in a best friend. This is the opinion that author Bobbi Brown shared from the first moment during their interview. Talking about beauty standards and beauty routines, “The Newsroom” actress reveals the skincare product she cannot do without.

In a recent interview conducted by Yahoo! beauty editor and New York Times best selling author Bobbi Brown, Olivia Munn opened up about her insecurities regarding her looks. “Sometimes I tell myself that it’s great that I’m not a model, I’m an actress, so being a little bit bigger is great because I want to be relatable as an actress, but then sometimes I tell myself that that’s just something I tell myself”, she tells Brown.

But the 33-year-old is far from being negligent with her looks. She exercises every day and takes very good care of her skin. “You might regret buying a purse or buying a pair of shoes, but the money you spend on your skin, you never regret.”

True! But how do you do it, Olivia Munn? “I wear sunscreen”, she says. The intensive care for her skin, she recalls, started about a year ago when, due to some medication, she developed cystic acne. “I started delving into what I’m putting into my body and what I could do to repair it, and I ended up finding Proactiv+.” Then, in four months, problem solved! Goodbye acne! Since then, she uses Proactiv+ cleanser and makeup wipes every evening, before bedtime.

In addition to that, Munn says she uses an exfoliant on a daily basis, in order to prevent wrinkles. And here’s one tip you rarely hear: exfoliation around of the lips and of the area around the lips really really slows down the aging process. “When you look at old men, they never have wrinkly lips”, points out Munn, because they shave, thus they exfoliate.

And one more thing you wouldn’t want to forget – remove your make-up every night, Olivia says, as it every time you wear make-up to bed, it ages you by one day. “There’s nothing I can do about the clock, but I can do something about that extra day.”