Bear Grylls Ventures drops suit threat against Bear BladesBear Grylls Ventures LLP, the merchandising company that is associated with “Man vs Wild” star Bear Grylls has recently dropped a suit threat against a similar company, Bear Blades.

UK-based merchandising company Bear Grylls Ventures LLP hired law firm Carpmaels & Ransford to represent its interests in a possible future lawsuit against Bear Blades UK. Last month, the attorneys sent a letter to Bear Blades UK in which they asked for the removal of the word “bear” from their name, as well as of any referral to the reality star’s brand.

The Associated Press made public some excerpts of the letter that stated BGV was “very concerned” about Bear Blades’ action of registering its logo: “Bear Blades. Steel. Strength. Utility.”

The letter said: “We act on behalf of Bear Grylls Ventures LLP, which is the merchandising company associated with the world renowned adventurer, writer and television presenter Bear Grylls” and pointed to the fact that the logo they were referring to emphasizes the word “bear”. Also, the lawyers said the logo is very similar to BVG’s, which would create confusion among the customers and would derail them, as they “would be likely to assume that ‘Bear Blades’ products derive from our client.”

The owner of Bear Blades UK, 33-year-old Owen Senior, spoke to the media about the case, explaining that he intends to maintain his application to register the logo. He also stated that there is no association made between the two brands, seeing that in the past year, he actually sold less items.

However, Bear Blades will probably not need a lawyer anymore, since Bear Grylls tweeted just a few days ago: “”@BearBladesUK you guys are good to go! Apologies again. Good luck and let us know if we can ever help you in your endeavours. BG”

Bear Grylls Ventures vs Bear Blades UK