Country singer Brad Pasiley told E! Online that Taylor Swift is “becoming more of a product” now, that she made the transition from country to pop. The “Shake It Off” performer will release her first pop album.

Brad Paisley: “Taylor Swift, more of a product”Country star Brad Paisley spoke with candor and admiration of his fellow musician Taylor Swift and her choice of migrating from the country style to something more commercial, such as pop music. He sees Swift’s change as a “risky” way to say challenge her audience in seeing her as more than just a country singer.

“For the record, this is my very first documented official pop album,” said Swift of her upcoming project, called “1989”.

Paisley admired her versatile music style, saying: “People are going to have to get used to it ‘cause it’s not the Taylor Swift obviously that you knew”. He continued: “She was talking about how she cut her hair, and she is spending time in different cities more and becoming more of a product — and she is a world famous superstar now. She is not just Nashville’s, [and] we just have to kind of get used to that.”

Taylor Swift’s most recent single, “Shake It Off” features a music video inspired from the late ‘80s. The newly pop singer finds that particular decade as being about “bright colors, bold chances, rebellion”, adding that the idea of “endless possibility”, which inspired this song – and video – was “a theme” of the last year in her life.


Check out Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” the video here: