MTV star Diem Brown is battling cancer again. The 32-year-old has recently been diagnosed with colon cancer and she already went through surgery to remove the tumor, Us Weekly reports.

Diem Brown has cancer removed for third timeParadoxical challenge for The Challenge contestant. Diem Brown is facing a cancer diagnosis once again. The doctors discovered a mass in the colon, which they removed and diagnosed as cancerous. She was filming the upcoming season of MTV’s “The Challenge”, in Panama, when she collapsed on the set and had to be rushed to the hospital by helicopter.

The 32-year-old received her first cancer diagnosis when she was only 22. Ovarian cancer. The tumor disappeared after chemotherapy, but in June 2012, the cancer returned. Last year, in February, she announced that it went into remission again. “I can’t stop smiling from ear to ear. I feel so free, like I have my life as my own again” she told Us Weekly.

Colon cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer, with over 1 million people being diagnosed worldwide each year. It affects women and men equally. The highest rates have been recorded in Australia, New Zealand, Europe and the US and lowest rates in Africa and South-Central Asia.

In the United States, SEER (Surveillance, Epidemiology and End Results program) statistics from 2011 to 2012, released by the National Cancer institute, show that almost 5% of the people born from 2009 on, will develop colon cancer during their lifetime.

The list of celebrities who had to battle colon cancer isn’t short and it includes, among others, Audrey Hepburn, Carolyn Jones, Jack Lemmon, Walter Matthau and Sharon Osbourne.