Kid Rock is expecting his first grandchildKid Rock is soon to be a grandpa, Us Weekly reports. The “American Bad Ass” is expecting his first grandchild from son Bobby Ritchie Jr. and his girlfriend.

Kid Rock’s son, 21-year-old Bobbie Ritchie Jr. has already assumed the role of a father. He and his girlfriend are expecting their first child and the pregnancy is already four months along, according to sources speaking to the mag. And they already know the sex of the baby: a girl.

The 43-year-old rocker welcomed his son Bobby in 1993, with his girlfriend at the time, Kelley South Russell. In 2000, when the son was 7 years old, a custody battle between the two parents ended up with Russell paying a weekly child support pf $25 and Bobby Jr. moving in with his father for good. The “Born Free” crooner raised his son mostly by himself.

In 2006 took place the infamous marriage to “Baywatch” star Pamela Anderson in Saint-Tropez. The marriage was short-lived because Kid Rock was disturbed by Anderson’s bad comments of his mother and sister in front of Bobbie Ritchie Jr. Others say that is was the disagreement on the couple’s residence. Anderson’s home was in Los Angeles, while Kid Rock (real name Robert James Ritchie) was living in Detroit.