Nick Jonas, all muscle for “Kingdom” roleThe youngest of the Jonas Brothers, Nick Jonas, is all muscle for his new role in the drama series “Kingdom”. The 21-year-old gained 15 pounds to embody a Venice Beach prize fighter.

Who thought Nick Jonas can look like this! The 21-year-old former Jonas Brothers band member went under extreme body changes for his upcoming role on DirecTV’s show, “Kingdom”. He will be playing the role of a Californian prize fighter called Nate Kulina. To get into character, he had to do some intense body training and gain significant muscle mass. And he did.

“I had to go through a very intense process to be a part of it”, Jonas told Yahoo on Thursday, adding that it was “really rewarding”. If by that he means the 15 pounds of muscle that he said he gained, then yes, that sounds “really rewarding”. “I did a lot of strength training”, he added. “On top of that fight training as well, I learned how to fight.”

When asked whether his training might help him in a real life situation, Nick smiled and said he would probably be OK, but wouldn’t want to test it.

Kingdom will premiere on October 8. “It’s just a great show. Really dramatic intense drama. I was just amazed I got to be a part of it”, Nick says, adding that there will be plenty of action and “lots of shirtless moments for everyone”.