Firefox update allows websites to send push notificationsThe new Firefox update, Firefox 44, now allows your favourite websites to send push notifications even though they’re not open in a tab.

Firefox 44 will be available for Windows, Mac OS, Linux and Android platforms.

With the new Firefox update, you can now decide which websites will be allowed to send you push notifications. This means that you don’t have to have separate tabs open with your mail or social media.

This will allow you to stay up to date on everything without having all the tabs bog down your computers performance.

Tabs work in such a way that each tab is its own, independent process in the program. Developers aimed to combat malware that “spills” over into other tabs and steals your information. This way, only one tab can be affected by malware, and that tab can just be shut down. This is better since you don’t have to worry about what you have open on the other tabs.

Websites’ ability to push notifications does not equal, however, you getting constant notifications. You, as a user, have to set which websites will be allowed to do this.

Macs already have this function through Safari Push Notifications and Apple Push Notifications.

Push notifications also exist in Google Chrome so this is actually just Firefox catching up on its competitors.

Mozilla Firefox will allow developers to create push notification functions through W3C Push API. An API is most easily thought about as a library containing programming procedures and functions.

This is an API that Mozilla themselves have created for this very purpose.

Not every website will have push notifications immediately as it will have to be incorporated into existing designs by its developers.