On Sunday, the X-Files return with a new series of six episodes, after a break of 14 years. Fans of the popular science-fiction thriller series will be excited to meet their favorite characters, agents Dana Scully and Fox Mulder, on Fox.

David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson are back. The on-screen partners, playing FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully, have been on a prolongued vacation of nearly 14 years. Everyone, fans and cast, thought the series has ended with that last episode where the two were relaxing in a row boat, in the middle of the ocean, leaving behind the conspiracy theories, the unexplained phenomena and the alien traces.


X-Files returns with new series after 14 years break


“There’s some part of me that felt people were still into the show. There’s always been an appetite”, says Duchovny, though.

On the other hand, Gillian Anderson feels more surprised by the “instant love” received from the fans. “We’re getting a lot more instant love than we got before, it’s a lot more vocal and public”, she says, adding that the is, of course „pleasantly surprised.”

14 years after the airing of the last episode, and eight years after the big screen spinoff, the creator of the series, Chris Carter, got “the band back together”. “At its heart, ‘The X-Files’ is a cult show, and it became a mainstream cult show, and it’s got that cult show following, so that’s what you’re seeing right now”, explains Carter.

55-year-old Duchovny is glad to be back as detective Mulder, as he admits it was the biggest, more „energetic” work he has done so far. „Both Gillian and I have gone on to do work that is good and successful, but nothing has been as big or energetic as ‘The X-Files”, the actor said during a conference held as part of the promotion campaign for the show.

For those of you who expect a reboot, Carter discourages those expectations. The new show will be less about reviving the classic lines, like Mulder’s „the truth is still out there”, and more about new stories to tell.