Final Fantasy IX was released overnight and is now available for smartphones. It requires you to have 8GB free on your device and it costs 25USD.

Final Fantasy IX available for smartphonesFinal Fantasy IX was originally released in 200 for PlayStation. It was the ninth instalment of the game and it was the last Final Fantasy game to be made for the original console.

The game introduced some new features like the “Active Time Event”, “Mognet” and a unique equipment and skill system. It was later re-released in 2010 as a PSone Classics title on the PlayStation network.

In Final Fantasy IX you follow a young thief, Zidane Tribal, and your efforts are focused on stopping the war-mongering Queen Brahne of Alexandria. The game focuses on a war between nations and Queen Brahne is the one responsible for starting it all.

As you go along and gathers followers, the plot shifts as you realise that an even more threatening person is working with Queen Brahne, called Kuja.

Final Fantasy IX was developed alongside Final Fantasy VIII, but took a different approach by returning to the more traditional style of the early Final Fantasy games.

Final Fantasy IX was a very successful game and it has sold over 5 million copies since launch.

The mobile version will cost 24.99USD and will have a similar set of features as the upcoming Steam release. Among these features are high-definition cinematics and character models, achievements, an auto-save function and seven different game boosters, including high speed and no encounter modes.

In order to play Final Fantasy IX, you need at least Android 4.1 or iOS 7.0 and 8GB of free space.

No release date is set for the Steam version yet. But Steam will release it early in 2016.