Nintendo in 2016: mobile games, new hardware, VRHere is what Nintendo is promising for 2016: socialization apps like Miitomo, new hardware, such as their mysterious NX console and maybe even VR. As the company’s most recent report revealed on Tuesday, Nintendo went down 36 percent in profits, which requires following up-close the strategy of software and hardware development market.

In the past year, Amiibo’s Splatoon and Super Mario Maker were a hit. However, what triggered the profit fall were Wii U and 3DS hardware sales.

This year’s first move is releasing the Miiverse-style networking app Miitomo in March. According to President Tatsumi Kimishima, this is only the first in a line of apps that Nintendo is planning to release until spring of 2017. The second one „will not be a communication app. We are going to pick some intellectual property that is very well known to everyone”, said Kimishima.

The mysterious Nintendo NX remains a secret project at this time, but Kimishima assured investors it will be released on schedule. However, no other details were offered on the device.

When it comes to VR, it is understandable why Nintendo wouldn’t say a definite yes to a project in that sector. Let’s remember that as early as July 1995, the Kyoto-based company had released The Virtual Boy, one of the first VR games. It turned out to be a commercial failure and was discontinued in March 1996. The Virtual Boy was the second worst selling platform, after 64DD, which sold only 10 copies.

There is, however, interest from Nintendo, to approach the virtual reality sector again. As Kimishima mentioned, they are „exploring possibilities” at this time.