XCOM 2 supports Valve Steam ControllerThe new game XCOM 2 only supports one controller,namely the Valve Steam Controller.

Firaxis’ new turn-based strategy game, XCOM 2, is, most notoriously, a difficult game. The sequels’ concept is quite brilliant: the first time around, you lose.

When Firaxis made XCOM, in 2012, it was a remake of a 1994 original, called UFO: Enemy Unknown, which cast you as a commander trying to stave off an alien invasion of Earth.

If you want to play this entertaining game with a controller, that goes far beyond what a typical PC gamepad can do. The Steam Controller is the only one to have.

Firaxis and Valve worked closely together on the integration. The controller will, for instance, offer different control schemes based on the situation in the game.

The controller’s touchpads will allow for mouse-like camera controls. And the touch menus allow easy and quick selection of soldier abilities.

20 years have passed since the original game’s events, and Earth is now ruled by an alien-human dictatorship known as Advent.

It’s a clean and organized dystopia where people is marched through weapon scanners and getting dispatched for any infractions, real or perceived, by Advent’s troopers.

XCOM 2 splits between missions on the ground, where you control a group of soldiers and fight aliens, save civilians or stealing technology. And missions involving the XCOM base itself.

Managing the base in XCOM 2 is a big part of the game. If you mismanage it, it will go under and collapse. Most games have a safety net in place for this, that allows your base to become stronger no matter what you as a player do, but not XCOM 2.