Actress Amber Tamblyn reveals she is expecting a baby girl in an essay for Glamour. The piece, titled “The Frame That Holds the Big Picture: How Mothers and Daughters Can Change the Way We Talk About Being Women”, talks about her recent story about being sexually assaulted and her hopes for her daughter in the future.


First-time parent-to-be Amber Tamblyn and David Cross  Photo: Photo: Jesse Grant/Getty Images

First-time parents-to-be Amber Tamblyn and David Cross
Photo: Photo: Jesse Grant/Getty Images


33-year-old Tamblyn is happily married to 52-year-old stand-up comedian David Cross since 2012. The couple is going to have their first baby next year. Amber has indirectly announced her pregnancy and the sex of her baby in a Glamour essay that focuses on how the communication between mothers and daughters can help eradicate female sexual abuse.

The essay starts from Amber’s need to call her mother to talk about her recent story about her own abuse, which has gone viral.


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When she tells her mother about it, she is surprised to find out the mother had a similar story that she had told the grandmother. “My grandmother’s response to my mother was, ‘Boys will be boys. You just have to be really careful around them.’” It turned out the grandmother had a story of her own.

“Boys will be boys and girls will be, what? Quiet. Hungry. Subservient. Game”, Tamblyn continues her story. She mentions having a number of strong women who make good role models for little girls and that she is lucky for that. “Motherhood has been heavily on my mind because I am going to be a mother soon. I’m pregnant, with a daughter on the way”, the actress revealed.

An outspoken supporter of Hillary Clinton’s, Tamblyn has used this opportunity to focus on the perspective of a revolutionary political choice when it comes to voting for her favorite candidate, that of electing a woman for president, thus empowering the position of the woman in society and set the basis for a future where sexual assault against women will fade completely. “A future where my girl will someday say, “Donald who?” and think nothing is revolutionary about a woman becoming President”.

Amber Tamblyn illustrates her article with a personal photo from her collection that is both inspiring and heart-melting, a photo of her as a baby, standing on her mother’s shoulders.

Baby Amber on her mom's shoulders, back in 1983 Photo: courtesy of Amber Tamblyn

Baby Amber on her mom’s shoulders, back in 1983
Photo: courtesy of Amber Tamblyn