Teigen has always been vocal on Twitter. Photo: David Shankbone

Supermodel Chrissy Teigen set her Twitter account to private, motivating the change, in a response to a fan, by the fact that she doesn’t feel “strong enough” anymore.

On Tuesday, 30-year-old Teigen locked her Twitter account. However, if you are one of her followers, don’t despair. It looks like she didn’t delete any of you so this is just temporarily. Teigen did not make any statement saying she will not tweet publicly anymore, but she did explain the reason behind her choice. When a fan asked if her account is currently private, she replied: “Yeah. Not strong enough anymore.” She then went into more detail, stressing that is was not about trolls or generally mean people onthe social network that affected her decision.

“I just feel like I’m absorbing bad s**t 24/7. My body and mind cannot handle it anymore”, Teigen wrote.

This is unusual coming from the model, since she has declared herself an Instagram and a twiter addict. She, as well as her husband, John Legend, have been very active online. Especially Teigen, who has tweeted about her friend Kim Kardashian’s robbery, her views on the elections and has also started a debate on whether the term „oriental” used to describe Asians is offensive. For the latter, she got a lot of heat from people that virulently disagreed that it would not be offensive.

„I agree, it might not be offensive to her but it’s considered offensive to many. It perpetuates cultural ignorance”, said one user. The similar messages went on the same path, some more delicate, others in rage. Teigen had dozens of dozens of tweets on the subject, with basically the same idea: She believes that the use of the term „oriental” is inappropriate in that context, but she is not offended by people who use it out of ignorance.