Fitness guru Cassey Ho recently addressed the Kylie Jenner booty girl trend that looks to be rising with the downfall of the skinny figure.

Cassey Ho has millions of followers on Youtube, Twitter, Instagram and IG. She is also the owner of the popular website Blogilates. In a recent Instagram post, dating from October 15, Ho posted a selfie of reality star Kylie Jenner, in which the teen is wearing a dark long-sleeved top and …a thong. The photo featured the text “Real girls aren’t perfect, perfect girls aren’t real.” The intention of the photo is pretty clear: it is a reaction to the impossible standards that fashion has set for decades now. Lately, there has been a rise of the so-called booty models, but that doesn’t sit well with the fitness expert, either.

Kylie Jenner Photo: Instagram

Kylie Jenner
Photo: Instagram

“The media is now SOCIAL MEDIA and our new magazine covers are Instagram photos. People like Kylie Jenner have become the new beauty standard whether you like it or not”, Cassey writes in the Instagram post, outlining that now teenagers have set yet another impossible goal when it comes to looks: from the slim silhouettes from the catwalk to the booty-models, so popular on social networks. “Don’t hold yourself against beauty standards that are impossible to reach naturally”, Cassey advises before directing readers to a blog post that discusses the problem in depth.

The blog post starts with Cassey admitting to her own addiction to following all the Kardashian and Jenner sisters on Instagram. But as “booty girls and the Kardashian’s butts just started getting bigger year after year, I started to get more mean comments on my pics saying “Why would I follow your butt workout if you don’t have one?”, Cassey writes. Then she started wondering how many of the women look like that naturally and she noticed that a large number of girls would modify their body in order to follow this booty girl trend.

Cassey then criticizes Kylie Jenner’s unhealthy advice to her followers, by posting photos of herself wearing a very tight corset and drinking tea with powerful laxative effects.   “Oh you mean, squishing your organs and laxatives. Thanks for the healthy fitness advice Kylie.”

The fitness expert goes on about other a fit tea company that promotes unhealthy weight loss and other traps that the beauty industry is setting for the young girls that just want to fit in. You can read Cassey’s original blog post here.