oct-46Kim Kardashian asks for an apology from Huffington Post writer Sharika Soal for the fake robbery claims posted in an article which appeared on the publication’s website. But Soal says her hands are tied.

Sharika Soal, a contributor to The Huffington Post has to issue a public apology for the “publicity stunt gone horribly wrong” that she pulled, willingly or unconsciously, on October 8. Soal posted an article in which she raised the question whether or not Kim Kardashian’s robbery in Paris was fake. The speculation first appeared on a satirical website and Kardashian’s lawyers say that was the source that Soal used for her post.

Earlier this month, The Hollywood Reporter was announcing that the 34-year-old reality star will be suing gossip website mediatakeout.com for the same scam claims. According to that story, Kim orchestrated the robbery so she could cash in on the insurance. Later on, the website founder, Fred Mwangaguhunga, was interviewed and admitted that it was all speculation. The three articles on the subject, that were posted on the website, were eventually deleted. “Looking back at it, it is now clear that she was robbed”, Mwangaguhunga admitted during the CNN interview.

If mediatakeout.com retracted their fake robbery posts, acknowledging that those “hurt” Kardashian, Sharika Soal says there is nothing that she can do to right her wrong. She says her contributor account has been blocked and cannot use it to neither retract the article, nor issue an apology for the fake news. Lucky for Kardashian, The Huffington Post deleted the article once they realized it violated terms. As for facing a lawsuit, Soal says she doesn’t have anything to give, TMZ reports.