Russell Simmons Photo: David Shankbone

Russell Simmons
Photo: David Shankbone

Russell Simmons opens up about his friendship with Donald Trump on The Daily Show, but when he’s asked if his friend would be good as president, Simmons reacts: “Trump for president? N*****, please!”

The friendship between Russell Simmons and Donald Trump goes waaay back! On The Daily Show on Monday night, Simmons revealed that he is friends with the Apprentice reality show star for over 30 years! “We travel together, we hang out together, I went on his first date with Melania…” Host Trevor Noah, does not miss the chance to joke about it: “So you’re the black friend he talks about.” All in all Russell and Donald know each other very well.

Simmons, who is a well-known entrepreneur producer and author – he founded Def Jam Recordings and a number of clothing lines, among which Phat Farm – even mentioned that Donald Trump wrote the foreword to his first book, Life and Def, published in 2001. And in addition to that he says he loves everybody. Including Trump, we guess. But let there be no confusion!

Simmons is spreading love for each and every one, and admits Donald is a very funny person and he is good at what he does, but his thing is not politics. “Trump for president? N*****, please!” the audience could not stop laughing. Apparently Simmons is a very funny man, too. “You just came up with the best Trump slogan for his campaign”, said Noah while laughing.

This would not be the first time that the media mogul criticizes his megalomaniac friend Donald Trump when it comes to politics. In 2015, 59-year-old Simmons expressed, in an open letter to Trump, 70, his disapproval for the latter’s call to ban Muslim immigrants to enter the United States. “Stop the bullshit. Stop fueling fires of hate”, he was writing to Donald Trump at the time.