Toni Braxton spent a night in hospital Source: Instagram

Toni Braxton spent a night in hospital
Source: Instagram

Toni Braxton is “fine” after a second emergency hospitalization in two weeks. The Unbreak My Heart singer has been hospitalized on Saturday due to complications of Lupus, thus postponing the show in Cleveland.

On Saturday afternoon, Tony Braxton checked into a hospital in Cleveland. She was supposed to perform that same night, but statements on her official Twitter page revealed that the singer didn’t have a choice but to postpone the show.

“Lupus needs to be constantly monitored and this minor setback should not affect the rest of her tour”, the tweet explained, adding that people who have bought tickets don’t have to be worried because the show will be rescheduled. The statement did not announce a date the same day, but it mentioned it will be “announced shortly”.

On Sunday morning, Braxton was released from hospital. Her representative said to ET that she was traveling to Chicago that same day, to honor the show she had scheduled there. “She is fine”.  Braxton posted on Instagram the same day, showing her followers that she was, indeed, feeling better. “Hey guys, thanks for all of your well wishes and understanding. I am out of the hospital, and en route to CHICAGO”, read the text.

In early October, the singer and mother of two had been hospitalized for the same problem. Even though at first it was believed that Braxton’s condition at that time was very serious, her representative cleared out the misunderstanding by saying that she was not in serious condition when she was admitted to the hospital, but that lupus, a serious disease in itself, needs constant monitoring and hospitalization is part of its reality.

49-year-old Toni Braxton has revealed publicly her lupus diagnosis in November 2010. “I got tired of hiding it. It was challenging masking it all the time, pretending that I feel great and I was actually feeling horrible”, she told CBS News at the time. Since then, she has been hospitalized twice for complications of the disease, in December 2012, in Los Angeles.

Systemic Lupus Erythematosus is an autoimmune disease that causes, most commonly, swollen joints, chest pain, mouth ulcers, hair loss, fatigue and a red rash on the face.  It manifests through episodes of flares, in which the symptoms are acute, and periods of remission, when the symptoms are very few. Although treatable, there is no known cure for the disease, at present.

Several other people in Toni Braxton’s family carry the disease, among which her brother, Michael, Jr.