nov-4Teenager Ashlee Martinson, who calls herself a “horror fanatic” feels “free” in prison after killing both parents in the family home.

On Friday, 18-year-old Ashlee Martinson has been sentenced to 23 years in prison and 17 more years of supervision after brutally murdering her parents, last year. The girl shot her father twice with a gun and stabbed her mother over 30 times. She was sentenced in Oneida County, after pleading guilty to both murders in March.

Prosecutors asked for a sentence of 40 years behind bars, while Martinson’s lawyers sought 8 years, motivating in court that their client had endured prolonged physical and mental abuse from mother Jennifer and father Thomas. According to the Daily Herald, the abuse she has been subjected includes physical abuse from mother’s current husband, Thomas, but also from mother’s former boyfriends, including a rape at the age of 9.

Ashlee Martinson is “happy” though. As her case is being presented on an episode of Crime Watch Daily, the teen opens-up about her current situation and her feelings. In the clip promoting the interview that will air on Tuesday, she says: “My sisters are safe, and I know that sounds crazy because I’m in prison, but I feel like I’m free”. The teen ads that she can have her own opinions and thoughts now and that she feels “safe”.

About her latest abuser, Thomas (last name Ayers), Martinson says he was a “monster” and that she was afraid her two younger sisters might be killed by him. Revealing that she initially wanted tot take her own life, Martinson continues: “I heard my stepdad, and he was starting to go up the stairs, and in that moment I knew I didn’t really want to die.”

As for the killing, the teenager says it was pure impulse. “It happened so fast I didn’t even realize what I’d done.”

Martinson, who gained some recognition online for her blog of horror stories, called “Nightmare”, on which she posted under the name of Vampchick, says that the murders had nothing to do with her writings.