The Showpo dress that changes color Source: Youtube

The changing color dress by Showpo
Source: YouTube

This changing color dress is the “next level” in fashion and tech, Showpo’s CEO Jane Lu says in a recent YouTube video posted by retailer Showpo.

We have seen fashion and tech joining forces before, to create items that revolutionized the way we see clothes. The sneakers that could change patterns, the sports shoes that lace-up and wrap around your foot perfectly…So a dress that changes color according to whatever preferences or color mood you’re in should not come as a shock.

Some say it might not be real because anyone can now edit a video and make stuff look magic. But Showpo promises it is real.  And explained how:  the dress is made from “special fabric that can reflect different light frequencies.” The fabric is connected to a device, like a tablet, or a smartphone, that enables these changes of “frequency of light that the fabric reflects.”

Curious about it? The changing color dress is presented in this video:



The changing color dress is not yet available for purchase. It is still at a prototype level, as we understand Showpo described it in the text below the video: “We’ve been working on this for a while! Incredible tech. Super excited about this game changer!”

Showpo is a boutique retailer founded in September 2010 by Jane Lu, the current CEO. After only 2 months of running the business from a garage, the first Showpo store was opened. The business focused on the online space starting January 2013. The overwhelmingly positive feedback online made the Showpo team channel “all our efforts towards the most scalable part of the business!”