In an exclusive interview for People’s upcoming issue, Hillary Clinton shares her strategy to dodge Trump and win the election. The Democratic nominee talks about the campaign in terms of domination, focus and preparation.

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Hillary Clinton

Running for president is “like an athletic contest”, says Hillary Clinton in the recent interview for People. It all comes down to, she explains, controlling your behavior, from your words, to your attitude, to your facial expressions. Clinton, who might be the first woman American president, says that she has been working on “listening woman” expression. “It is something that I really was conscious of because this is the first time a woman had ever been on a debate stage in a general election,” she explains.

Seeing that Republican nominee Donald Trump can be quite unpredictable, Clinton confessed that she had to prepare to confront any of the Trumps that was going to show up in the debates. “Or how many Donald Trumps would show up”, she added.

It is what she says got her through the second debate, when Trump was doing more than invading her space. “If somebody is like all of a sudden over your shoulder, it’s easy to be startled or to turn around”, Clinton says and adds that she was determined to keep her calm and dodge whatever trump was going to potentially throw at her.

And it really helps if you have a professional team who can anticipate how your competition will act. Clinton describes her campaign team as “relentless, totally in the head of what Trump might do”, admitting that, like in a sports competition, a big chunk of the battle consists in who gets into whose head, who can play better with the other’s emotions. “And I wasn’t going to let that happen”, she says of her last debate, adding that her main objective was to stay on track.