According to ex-husband James DeBarge, pop star Janet Jackson may have a secret daughter. The bomb was dropped on DeBarge’s daughter Kristinia’s Growing Up Hip Hop reality show.


Janet Jackson in May 2016 Photo: Joel Ryan / Invision

Janet Jackson in May 2016
Photo: Joel Ryan / Invision


We are not even sure if it is right to call James DeBarge, now 53-years-old, Janet Jackson’s former husband, since the two did wed in 1984, but their marriage was annulled one year later. However, hot info gravitates that period in both their lives: Jams and Janet might have had a baby. And we are about to find out, on WE TV’s Growing Up Hip Hop.

During the clip for the show, DeBarge’s daughter Kristinia confronts her dad about an article dissing information that she finds serious. DeBarge replies: “I’m tired of secrecy”, then goes on saying that he is tired of not speaking out. Then he says “I didn’t know” and “I was under the impression that there was no baby, and I wanted to believe it’s not true. But it is.” Kristinia goes on camera saying she was shocked to find out that she has a half-sister.

All the information point out to the fact that James DeBarge and Janet Jackson, 50, had a child together. If so, then the baby that the pop icon is getting ready to welcome into the world with husband Wissam Al Mana would actually be her second bay. However, due to the nature of the clip  – it is not clearly saying that it is Jackson who mothered the baby that DeBarge is talking about – the hypothesis that Janet Jackson may have a secret daughter is pure speculation.

Janet and her husband have been very private since she found out about her pregnancy and she has only briefly been spotted in London while shopping for baby furniture.

The singer has yet to comment on the secret baby rumors sparked by the Growing Up Hip Hop clip.