Mariah Carey still avoids talking about her broken engagement publicly and who could blame her? The diva has ended things with fiancée James Packer in late October.

On October 27, the press was reporting that Mariah Carey has separated from fiancée James Packer. The reasons invoked in their broken engagement were the diva’s overspending and her reality series.

According to several sources, the casino billionaire was unwilling to cope with Carey’s desire to open their home to the whole world through her TV series. “James had huge reservations about Mariah’s new reality TV show and the fact that she was willing to expose their lives to the world”, one source says to Woman’s Day. “Suddenly he’s like, ‘I don’t think I can do this.’”, another tells Us Weekly.

Mariah carey on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, on Wednesday, Nov. 23, 2016

Mariah Carey on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, on Wednesday, Nov. 23, 2016

Packer was the one who reportedly called off the engagement. Now, less than a month later, Ellen DeGeneres tries to get Carey to open-up about her state of mind at this time.  “You had a highly publicized relationship and you were engaged and you were trying on wedding dresses in [your] docuseries”, 58-yearold DeGeneres began saying on her show, on Wednesday. “And now you’re not together anymore”, she added. “Now it’s a whole friggin’ thing” said Mariah, 47.

Asked how she was feeling, the singer said she was doing “well”, trying to comfort herself with phrases like “everything happens for a reason” and “things are the way they are”. When DeGeneres insisted on the subject, Carey tried to delicately dodge it, admitting though, that she wasn’t yet comfortable talking openly about it to the world: “It’s kind of difficult to talk about it at this moment, so I’m just going to compliment you on these decorations once again.”

Carey received a marriage proposal from 49-year-old Packer in January 2016. Since the break-up, he has been taken out from the reality series Mariah’s World, set to air on E!