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Miranda Kerr in April, 2016 Source: GotCeleb

You would have never thought that Miranda Kerr’s “happy place” is the grocery store! The supermodel is, in fact, very passionate about nature, healthy eating and spirituality and confesses to Elle Canada that if she weren’t a catwalk supermodel, she would be a naturopath.

When you see Miranda Kerr walking the Victoria’s Secret runways, smiling from campaign ads or posing provocatively in fashion magazines, you probably think high life, luxury, parties and a lot of traveling. You most certainly don’t think domestic life! It also came a bit as a surprise for us, too that Miranda Kerr’s idea of a good time revolves around the home.

In the recent interview to Elle Canada, the 33-year-old model says about her that she is “a homebody”. “Being at home is the biggest luxury to me. I can’t help it”, she says, adding that she does a lot of ordinary things, such as playing with her son with blocks, or drawing together, doing the dishes and going to the grocery store. She actually confesses that her favorite place is the grocery store and if she were to pick careers, if not a model, she would be a naturopath.

As for the time spent with Flynn, her 5-year-old son, Kerr says she juggles work and motherhood in such a way that she gets quality time with the little one. “I book in my photo shoots for the time he’s with his dad, and the rest of the time I just get to be a mom”, she explains. “The most important thing is that when he has his time with me, we have quality time together.”

Miranda shares son Flynn with 39-year-old actor Orlando Bloom. The couple officially announced their separation in October 2013. Bloom is dating Katy Perry, while Kerr is engaged to Snapchat co-founder and CEO Evan Spiegel since July 20.