Real housewife Phaedra Parks talks about her “bittersweet” divorce experience to ET’s Brice Sander. During the interview, the Atlanta-based lawyer and mother-of two talks about her priorities following the installment of her again-single status, which includes, first and foremost being a good mother. She also addresses the issue of getting romantic with someone again.


Paerdra Parks: "I'll definitely get married again". Source ET

Phaedra Parks: “I’ll definitely get married again”.
Source: ET



Phaedra Parks reveals in a recent interview to ET that her divorce has been finalized. “I’m actually divorced”, she says, adding that the experience of divorcing was “anticlimactic” and “bittersweet”. Parks has filed for divorce from husband Apollo Nida since 2014. They share two sons: 6-year-old Ayden Adonis and 3-year-old Dylan.

43-ear-old Parks and 37-year-old Nida married in 2009, about seven months prior to her starring in Season 3 from The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Nida had been released from prison one year before their wedding and spent 6 years free before going back behind bars. The first time, he did 6 years for car theft. The second time, he pleaded guilty for bank fraud and has been offered a plea deal of an -8-year conviction.

The reality star is now saying that she is still in the process of getting used to the divorced status. “We were a family. This is pretty much the death of that family unit.” As for jumping back into the dating game, she is not in a hurry. “”I will probably date at some point, but right now I’m just letting it all soak in”, Parks says, adding that when she will start dating, she will make sure men understand her mother status. “You know, if you date me, you date the boys. We come as a big threesome!”

So how would a good candidate have to be? Phaedra knows exactly what she is looking for. “The perfect guy would be a god-fearing guy, a guy who loves children”. Also, he must be “generous” and “smart”. Despite just having gone through a tough, long, divorce process, the real housewife still believes in Mr. Right. “I mean, love is awesome and … I’m very optimistic.”