On Monday, in front of a judge in a Los Angeles courtroom, The Jinx’ Robert Durst said: “I did not kill Susan Berman.” The face of the HBO documentary pleaded not guilty to the murder.

“I am not guilty. I did not kill Susan Berman”, 73-year-old Robert Durst pleaded in front of the judge. Following his statement, the L.A.D.A. said that it would not seek the death penalty.


Robert Durst has been featured in the HBO documentary The Jinx

Robert Durst has been featured in the HBO documentary The Jinx


Durst’s case became famous after his interview for HBO documentary The Jinx, which focuses on a number of investigations that the man has been linked to. In the documentary, Durst is being heard saying something that could very well be a confession. While in the bathroom, without the knowledge of being recorded, he said: “What the hell did I do? Killed them all, of course.”

His words may have referred to the murders that he was connected to over the years – including that of his wife Kathleen, who went missing [is suspected to have been killed] since 1982 and that of family friend Susan, shot in her home in Beverly Hills in 2000.

According to attorney and former prosecutor Robin Sax, everything that Robert Durst has said in the documentary is “potentially admissible in court.” But more importantly cluewise, is that “he, for the first time felt that he was sunk”, she told ET.

Durst, a real estate heir, has been charged for only one murder so far, that of neighbour Morris Black, in 2001. He was convicted for dismembering the body of the victim and throwing it in Galveston Bay, but was finally acquitted due to lack of forensics. Durst had pleaded self-defense in the case.

In March 2015, Durst was arrested for illegal possession of a firearm, after the police found a 38-caliber gun in his hotel room in New Orleans, Louisiana. Earlier this year he pleaded guilty for those charges.

Robert Durst will be held in jail, without the possibility to get out on bail. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for next year, on February 15.